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Frenzy Labz Super Shredz 60 caps is an innovative fat burner that has a very powerful formula for action. The supplement is designed to support:
Self-esteem – improve your mood,
Focus – which you often lack when you are already tired,
Activity and energy – strong stimulation allows for intense effort,
Fast metabolism – active compounds will sustain metabolism and actively burn fat.
Frenzy Labz Super Shredz has an innovative solution, which is the combination of strong stimulants with nootropic substances. The supplement’s thermogenic base allows you to trigger powerful thermogenesis that you can literally feel on your skin.
Effect of Frenzy Labz Super Shredz:
Powerful Thermogenesis,
Strong stimulation,
Enhancement of lipolytic processes,
Direct fat burning,
Inhibits appetite,
Increases exercise capacity,
Allows you to train intensively,
Eliminates fatigue,
Improves mood and well-being,
Nootropic effect.
Who is Frenzy Labz Super Shredz recommended for?
Frenzy Labz Super Shredz is an ideal solution for the end of reduction. Strong thermogenic effects and powerful stimulation will allow you to perform a highly intensive workout even on fuel reserves. Getting into top shape is often connected with poor mood and a strong decline in cognitive functions. People who have been reducing heavily, going down to an extreme fat level, many times feel like the walking dead! However, the manufacturer has made sure that such a situation does not occur. Super Shredz fat burner has been supplemented with SUNIFARM! This is a very strong nootropic, which is 1000 times stronger than the classic piracetam. It will support the activity of the nervous system, improve your mood and well-being, and allow you to function normally at work or at home.

1 serving, 1 capsule:
Caffeine – 250 mg – Caffeine is a substance that exhibits many synergistic effects with the active compounds found in the burner. It belongs to the group of alkaloids, shows a stimulating effect on the nervous system and prevents the feeling of fatigue. In scientific studies, caffeine shows a direct effect on improving sports performance. As an ergogenic agent, it works to increase muscular endurance and performance.
DMHA – 150 mg – is a powerful stimulant with effects similar to those of geramine. Interestingly, the power of stimulation is strongly comparable, however DMHA is not as aggressive in its action as geramine. The substance allows you to quickly feel a surge of energy that lasts for several hours. The strong stimulating effect is combined here with higher thermogenesis, which promotes fat reduction. DMHA is now a mainstay of all the stronger burners and pre-trainers.
Methyl Synephrine – 20 mg – Synephrine is a typical substance that is associated with fat reduction. Its effects are similar to those of ephedrine. It causes stimulation of the central nervous system, but it is also responsible for the process of oxidation of fatty acids for energy needs. Synephrine also allows you to perform a more intense exercise, which effectively translates into energy expenditure that will be incurred during the workout.
Tyrosine – 100 mg – Tyrosine directly influences thyroid function, maintaining its optimal level of activity. This in turn translates into the production of thyroid hormones, namely T3 and T4. Thus, tyrosine effectively maintains a high level of metabolic activity in our bodies. Moreover, its action has the characteristics of a thermogenic supplement. Tyrosine is also known for its nootropic properties, where it supports memory and concentration.
White Willow Bark – 70 mg – White willow bark extract is considered a “natural aspirin”. It is less used in sports supplementation as a therapeutic element, although it does have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, or fever-reducing properties. In burners, it acts as a thermogenics. The extract of white willow bark intensifies thermogenesis, which contributes to faster weight loss effects.
Higenamine HCL – 20 mg – is one of the strong stimulants that cause an increase in acetylcholine. This action translates into strong support for physical effort. Its action effectively reduces fatigue, stimulates activity and allows you to make a more intensive effort. It also has a nootropic effect. It makes us more focused on action, cognitive functions are sharpened which increases our attention and concentration.
Cayenne pepper – 20 mg – cayenne pepper has a significant content of capsaicinoids, active substances which support weight loss. In scientific studies, these compounds have been proven to effectively promote weight loss by enhancing thermogenesis. This ingredient gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, intensifies the use of stored fat for energy needs. It is able to burn fat from the most resistant areas on the body.
GBB – 25 mg – gamma-butyrobetaine is a substance called pro-carnitine due to the fact that this compound strongly stimulates carnitine production in our body. GBB enhances lipolytic processes. It allows for a much more efficient transport of free fatty acids to the mitochondria, which effectively accelerates the fat burning effect. This action also causes a feeling of energy inflow. We are more eager to undertake activity, but also have much more strength during training.
Sunifiram – 5 mg – belongs to a synthetic derivative of piracetam, has a strong nootropic effect, supports brain function. DM-235 (its chemical name), although it does not belong to the racetam family, has a very strong cognitive enhancing effect. It significantly improves mood, concentration and memory. It is believed that sunifiram shows 1000 times stronger nootropic effects than piracetam. This is due to the fact that it significantly improves cholinergic and glutaminergic transmission.
Bioperine – 5 mg – the supplement has a thermogenesis help effect, accelerates lipolysis and increases the possibility of using fats for energy. Bioperine also shows anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. What’s more, it improves blood supply to the gastric mucosa, which effectively supports the utilisation of active ingredients contained in the burner.
Recommended Dosage: 1 serving, 1 capsule 30 min before workout


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