GN Dairy whey 1000g

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Because of the importance of whey protein for bodybuilders and for other athletes, we at GN Laboratories have worked to develop a whey protein that is far superior to most other whey products available on the market, and at the same time has an unmatched delicious taste with very good solubility. The result of our efforts is the new GN Laboratories 100% Dairy Whey, which defines a new standard in the field of whey protein supplements.

Once you have tried the new GN Laboratories 100% Dairy Whey, you will never want to go back to your current whey protein – we can guarantee it!


Available flavors: Citrus Quark, Irish Cream,Pina Colada, Rasberry Yoghurt White Choco,Salted Caramel, Schwarzwalder Kirsch,White Chocolate-Pomegranate,Schoko-Banane,Pistazie.



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