Lawless Labs King Kong Sarm S-23 90 caps




Lawless Labs King Kong supplement based on SARM S 23. It is one of the best and definitely the strongest preparations belonging to SARMs influencing the building of muscle mass. It is primarily a SARM that affects the hard and dry appearance of muscles. Androgen receptors only attach to muscles and tissues in the body. You don’t have to worry that other organs will be affected by the use of sarms. Currently, many bodybuilders use sarm s-23 due to its safe use and quick effects.

Users of the supplement observe a significant increase in endurance, which allows them to perform long and intense workouts and improves sports results. S-23 allows you to optimize your high-intensity workouts thanks to its fat burning properties and building lean muscle mass.

King Kong perfectly stimulates muscle growth and strengthens bone structures. The ingredient provides an extreme increase in lean muscle mass. Studies show that a dose of as little as 15 mg for a man weighing 80 kg also increases bone mineral density as well as promotes muscle growth and fat loss. Sarm S-23 is versatile and can be used during weight gain as well as a standalone supplement for fat reduction. It is an excellent means of combining with other sarm / ph preparations to build muscle mass. King Kong perfectly increases strength and endurance. Ensures hard and dry muscle mass, increases the visibility of vascularity.

S23 stops catabolism during a reduction diet and increases fatty acid oxidation. If you are preparing for a sports competition, sarm will be one of the best. It provides the effect of dry and hard muscles, reducing the level of adipose tissue, which is desirable when preparing for sports events. After the cycle is over, therapy with PCT supplements is recommended.

King Kong dosage:

1-3 capsules a day.



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