Olympus Labs USA Tudca 60 caps tauroursodeoxycholic acid


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Olympus Labs Tudca is a high-quality supplement based on tauroursodeoxycholic acid at a dose of 250 mg per capsule, which is designed to counteract the toxicity of strong anabolics taken orally.
The Tudca supplement is designed to prevent the action of toxic metabolites and eliminate them quickly from the liver. The supplement will be perfect after each cycle to keep the liver strong and healthy. The liver is directly related to the production of testosterone and insulin – two of the most powerful anabolic hormones in the human body, so keeping it healthy is crucial. Supports healthy liver functions Regulates liver enzymes Regulates insulin metabolism Supports intestinal health Provides neurological support
Premium TUDCA from Olympus Labs is the best support for the health of your liver! TUDCA improves the ratio of water-soluble acids to fat-soluble acids, which protects cells from damage. It directly supports liver cells from damage. The supplement is used to treat liver diseases such as cholestasis (restricted flow of bile from the accumulation of bile acids) and cirrhosis (scarring of liver tissue).
This ingredient is a powerful and effective remedy for these liver diseases and severe alcohol-induced liver damage. This supplement supports the proper level of liver enzymes. Liver enzymes are currently one of the main indicators used by doctors to assess the health of the liver. Additionally, tudca supports gut health by restoring normal gut microbiota and providing anti-inflammatory properties.
Dosage of Tudca:
1 capsule a day.


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