Renegade Labs Burn Notice 60 caps


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Renegade Labs Burn Notice 60 caps

A supplement that provides extreme fat loss and strength endurance. The complex includes:

WHITE WILLOW BARK – 400MG, white willow bark, contains a chemical called salicin which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Salicin works in a similar way to acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. It also contains antioxidant compounds called polyphenolic glycosides and flavonoids to protect against oxidative stress and various aging-related symptoms such as poor physical function, cognitive decline, etc. Also used to control the symptoms of arthritis and chronic pain. While white willow bark does not burn fat directly, it enhances the effects of the other weight loss ingredients in Renegade Labs Burn Notice. Research has shown that it can extend the activity and action of other ingredients – especially thermogenics.

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS – 200MG – Anhydrous caffeine is an absolutely essential component of a fat burner – providing a powerful effect that gives energy all day long. This stimulant has the ability to block adenosine receptors, stimulating the nervous system to work faster. Increases vigilance and readiness to act. As caffeine raises energy levels, it leads to increased thermogenesis. In studies, caffeine has been reported to reduce fatigue and pain associated with strenuous training by approximately 50%, and even directly increases fat loss by increasing fat oxidation and insulin receptor sensitivity.

DMAA – 50MG – one of the strongest stimulating compounds, thanks to which training is possible in the most demanding conditions. Provides a stimulating effect, reducing fatigue to a minimum. DMAA is one of the most important substances that stimulate the central nervous system. It causes an increased release of norepinephrine and adrenaline, and acts on the narrowing of blood vessels. It is perfect as a fat burner. It provides a strong increase in energy, concentration and stimulation. C

CARDARINE (GW501516) – 30MG – is an agonist of PPARδ receptors (receptors activated by delta peroxisome proliferators) – activates genes responsible for energy production, metabolism and fat burning (does not affect hormones). Recognized as the best SARM for fat burning and performance improvement. The unique action of GW501516 is that it is one of the few compounds that improves sports performance without direct anabolic and androgenic effects. Its main advantage is a significant and noticeable improvement in durability, which, according to users’ opinions, is up to 20-30%. In addition to improving aerobic endurance, fat burning and increased training efficiency, Cardarine allows you to improve the lipid profile and insulin sensitivity. In the case of building muscle mass, it allows you to obtain lean mass, thus having a positive effect on the appearance of the figure and its muscles. During reduction, it works anti-catabolic, protecting muscles against breakdown. It does not block and does not affect hormones. In studies on rodents, it has been shown that in addition to the above, Cardarine reduces inflammation, improves circulation and accelerates wound healing. In addition to the positive effect on the lipid profile, it has been shown that the intake of GW501516, one hour before the high-fat breakfast consumed, causes a significant reduction in the level of triglycerides (postprandial period) – human studies. Cardarin is a universal agent that is used in the period of building muscle mass and reducing. It can be used alone or in combination with other SARMs or stimulants.

EPHEDRA EXTRACT – 25MG – the main use of ephedrine is to increase energy. Epherda and its active compound ephedrine stimulate the heart and increase blood flow, which energizes the body and maintains the muscles in constant blood supply and oxygenation. The huge increase in the popularity of ephedrine is related to its influence on weight loss and training. It stimulates the metabolism, which increases fat burning. Helps to temporarily increase energy levels and prevent fatigue by keeping your body focused and motivated. It also increases cognitive function by influencing increased blood flow to the brain and other vital organs, optimizing neural processing and keeping our brain in the so-called freshness. In addition, there are some steroidal properties of ephedrine that make it an effective booster for the immune system. Ephedrine can help reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes in the body, especially in the airways, making it quite effective in preventing asthmatic attacks and wheezing. By allowing air to circulate clearly to the lungs, it can relieve common respiratory illnesses.

ALPHA YOHIMBE – 1MG – a strong type of plant alkaloid, also known as rauwolscine, is characterized by a greater biological activity than the hydrochloride form. Rauwolscine is more effective and its action is more noticeable. Recommended for advanced athletes. It supports the reduction of adipose tissue and has a positive effect on sexual functions.



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