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Centurion Labz

Centurion Labz God of Fire 402g

Centurion Labz God of Fire 402g

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Try Centurion Labz God of Fire - one of the most energizing pre-workouts on the market.

God of Fire is a powerful pre-workout that will prepare you for the toughest training sessions. It allows you to maximize the work of muscles, replenishes energy and affects motivation during exercise. Advanced formula rich in stimulating yohimbine and ingredients for the maximum training pump.

God of Fire is a pre-workout booster to be used to obtain high energy, increase lean muscle mass, increase strength, endurance and reduce body fat.

The set of the most effective ingredients increases vascularity allowing you to obtain the effect of full muscles. The preparation also contains AKG arginine, which is easier to digest than ordinary arginine and more resistant to chemical degradation in the body, increases the concentration of nitric oxide, promoting a powerful muscle pump.

Discover the ingredients of Centurion Labz God of Fire:

L-Citrulline Malate - participates in the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) and phosphocreatine and the oxygen metabolism of glucose, thereby increasing the uptake of oxygen, glucose, amino acids and creatine and energy production by muscle cells. It reduces the concentration of lactic acid and ammonia in the muscles, allowing the body to recover energy faster by increasing the level of creatine phosphate and re-synthesizing ATP. Citrulline malate is a much more effective form than high doses of arginine, as it is its precursor. At the same dose as arginine, it is more effective in increasing its amount in the body than arginine alone.

Beta-Alanine - is essential for the production of carnosine and the building blocks of proteins that help prevent the aging of the body. The compound supports the proper functioning and development of muscles. The amino acid is known to reduce muscle fatigue, which can help your muscles work better during training. This, in turn, promotes muscle growth. Beta-Alanine is especially helpful in intense short-term workouts such as weightlifting. Some people taking beta-alanine may notice a slight tingling sensation known as paraesthesia. The tingling sensation occurs because beta-alanine dilates the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and blood to be delivered to the muscles.

L-Arginine AKG - participates in the formation of nitric oxide and thus has the ability to expand blood vessels, allowing better blood supply to muscles and soft tissues. It indirectly participates in the synthesis of cGMP, which, together with ATP, is involved in the process of muscle contraction and has an anabolic effect. It affects the secretion of growth hormone, supports the regeneration process of the liver, and is an important precursor for creatine. Unfortunately, the traditional form of arginine breaks down very easily in the stomach, and thus a small amount of it reaches its destination.

Agmatine Sulfate - effectively increasing the secretion of nitric oxide in the human body, which translates into a strong muscle pump feeling during training. The expansion of blood vessels supports the supply of blood and nutrients to the working muscles, which significantly accelerates the regeneration process and building new muscle fibers. In studies with the use of agmatine, it has been shown that its action can support protein synthesis even twice, which, in addition to the action of agmatine itself, is also associated with the effect of increasing the supply of nutrients to muscle tissues.

D-Aspartic Acid - a naturally occurring substance in the human body, belonging to the group of endogenous amino acids. DAA increases testosterone production. Additionally, the use of DAA improves memory and cognitive function. The compound increases the secretion of dopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter responsible for high levels of energy and motivation to act.

Caffeine Anhydrous - has a thermogenic effect and suppresses appetite due to the increase in the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine. It has been proven that it causes an increase in the formation of such neurotransmitters in the central nervous system as dopamine, acetylcholine or even serotonin, which exerts a stimulating effect and increases cognitive functions. The overall effect of caffeine on the body allows you to maintain the effectiveness of training and maintain a positive mood, despite the caloric deficit.

Theobromine Anhydrous - theobromine is a compound known from the popular yerba mate, showing a diuretic effect, which helps to get rid of excess water from the body, masking the effects of reducing body fat.

Mucuna Pruriens - medicinal plant; Its seeds contain levodopa, which is a direct precursor to dopamine and an effective drug in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. It improves well-being and increases activity, resulting in increased exercise capacity and sexual function. L-Dopa contained in the product is highly bioavailable for the brain, which easily and effectively increases the possibilities of dopamine synthesis. This amazing neurotransmitter is an extremely important element for the proper functioning of the nervous system and the flow of nerve signals. Dopamine deficiency has been demonstrated in people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, especially in the regions of the brain responsible for its motor level. Low levels of this neurotransmitter may be manifested by the onset of memory lapses, problems with achieving full focus and concentration, and it often affects the elderly.

Hordenine HCL - is a natural phenylethylamine compound that is present in small amounts in various plants. This supplement works primarily by releasing and protecting norepinephrine, which translates into an increase in metabolism, energy supply, and a decrease in appetite. Users use Hordenine for three main effects: fat loss, appetite control, and energy boost.

Halostachine HCL - a chemical compound in the form of the hydrochloride of a natural alkaloid obtained from the species Halostachys caspica. Demonstrates the ability to accelerate metabolic processes. It works similar to ephedrine but in a safer way. It conditions the release of adrenaline and noadrenaline. It stimulates thought processes, increases motivation, increases endurance and strength.

Isopropylnorsynephrine HCL - is one of the most popular ingredients of elite fat burners and is largely responsible for their operation. There are many thermogenic products on the market that effectively reduce body fat, and synephrine in various forms is the substance that connects them all. Its effect on fat loss has been proven many years ago, and the popularity of this compound is constantly increasing, mainly due to its high effectiveness and relatively low risk of effects such as headaches or poor well-being.

Yohimbine HCL - yohimbine works by blocking α2-type receptors that interfere with fat burning, which can significantly facilitate slimming and help in sculpting resistant parts of the body. It is worth remembering that the effect of yohimbine is effectively counteracted by insulin, so taking this compound around meals containing carbohydrates is pointless. Yohimbine can be especially effective when used on an empty stomach, before exercise.

Huperzine A - one of the most amazing alkaloids used to increase the ability to remember. Hupercine A is one of the most desirable substances from the group of agents providing the so-called brain cheering. It allows you to achieve maximum concentration, focus and isolate our attention in almost every situation. It is perfect for people with very demanding mental work as well as students or high school graduates. Unlike many other stimulants that affect our mind, its effect does not weaken over time and we can benefit from hupercine supplementation for a very long time. It is on the market both solo and in the form of an important part of many complex supplements aimed at increasing mental abilities or improving memory.

Dosage of Labz God of Fire:

½ scoops 30 minutes before training beginner

1 scoop 30 minutes before advanced training.

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½ scoops 30 minutes before training beginner

1 scoop 30 minutes before advanced training.


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