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Centurion Labz

Centurion Labz Rage DMAA

Centurion Labz Rage DMAA

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Centurion Labz Rage is a DMAA pre-workout supplement that is made with a blend of high-quality and potent ingredients that are packed with enormous benefits for powerful results. The product functions as a pre-workout supplement and even then, the qualities of the blend can be experienced well after your workout ends.

Those who choose Centurion Labz God of Rage do so not only because the product works, but also because the brand is known for its reliable and premium-grade products. The predecessor to this particular supplement, God of War Black, experienced massive popularity. Now, the brand has gone a step further and has also maintained its long-standing reputation by releasing God of Rage.

Based on New Science

God of Rage goes above and beyond the traditional supplement blend. While it does contain l-arginine, there are some other surprising ingredients that you won’t find elsewhere. The ingredient list and the muscle-enhancing qualities of each ingredient will be discussed in another section, but for now, you should at least know that the new blend does not contain any substances that you should fear putting into your body.

For example, the product does not feature any additives, fillers, chemicals, low-quality substances, or synthetic ingredients. Instead, this supplement is packed with substances that you can trust putting into your body and that do not lead to any adverse side-effects.

God of Rage Contains Stimulants

While the supplement does not contain any chemicals or substances that you should feel uncertain about, you should realize that it does contain a number of different stimulants. In general, stimulants are not bad for your body, as long as they are used in moderation. In addition, formulas that contain stimulants do a better job at revving your metabolism so that you can build lean muscle mass and burn the excess fat throughout your body. Centurion Labz God of Rage features stimulants that are great at burning fat and increasing your metabolism. 

L-Arginine - The most well-known property of arginine is the synthesis of nitric oxide - a substance that dilates blood vessels. Thus, arginine contributes to a more efficient and faster transport of nutrients and oxygen to working cells, as well as the discharge of toxic metabolic compounds, inhibiting metabolic processes.

Anhydrous Caffeine - the most-known stimulant compound in the world. It has a stimulating effect, lowers the level of Adenosine, inhibits the breakdown of cAMP.

Beta-Alanine - The main function of this amino acid is not to increase the volume of muscle cells, but to increase the level of carnosine in the muscles. Effect? Both in aerobic and anaerobic efforts, the process of acidifying skeletal muscles is significantly slowed down. In practice, this translates into heavier, more intense and more effective workouts. Both endurance as well as muscular strength are growing.

Agmatine - It shows neuroprotective, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, anxiolytic and analgesic abilities. Increases the production of nitric oxide increasing the muscle pump.

Hordenine - an amine formed from L-Tyrosine, shows an ephedra-like effect, contributes to the intensification of thermogenic processes, and can also increase the production of dopamine. Thanks to the synergistic combination with caffeine or synephrine, it significantly prolongs the stimulant action without the unwanted effect of a sudden "congress" and a decrease in the energy level. At the same time, it prolongs the time of increased metabolic activity.

Geranium (1,3 dmaa) - A very strong stimulant. It stimulates the process of reducing body fat, as well as helping to increase the intensity of training.

D-glucurono-3,6, lactone (Glucuronolactone) - helps in the removal of harmful products formed during metabolism associated with physical exercise, is a ribose precursor (helps in the conversion of glucose into energy), helps in the transport of carboxylic acids to muscle cells to use them as a source of energy.

Higenamine - Accelerates lipolysis (fatty acid oxidation process).

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1 scoop 15 minutes before training


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