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Haya Magnesium Citrate 200 mg 250 tabl.

Haya Magnesium Citrate 200 mg 250 tabl.

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Haya Magnesium Citrate 200 mg 250 tabs is high-quality magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate, which is characterized by the best assimilability.

The supplement provides as much as 200 mg of magnesium per tablet, which makes it possible to effectively supplement commonly occurring deficiencies of this mineral. Magnesium is responsible for almost all systems in our bodies, and its most important consumers include the nervous, circulatory, and skeletal systems. In sports supplementation, magnesium plays a key role in exercise capacity, optimal regeneration, and cardiac-related performance functions.

Effects of Haya Magnesium Citrate:

  • Supports the nervous system,
  • Very good bioavailability,
  • Builds Bones,
  • Prevents muscle cramps,
  • Alleviates stress,
  • Supports memory and concentration,
  • Regulates heart function,
  • Prevents atherosclerosis,
  • Supports muscle strength,
  • Regulates blood pressure.

Can magnesium be taken continuously?
Magnesium belongs to the minerals we need daily. This means that it is a supplement to our daily diet, which should provide a total of 400-500 mg. Of course, this is the magnesium requirement of an adult who is not an athlete and whose physical activity is mainly limited to professional work. People who train and are strongly physically active should double their magnesium dose. This means that highly active people can use up to 1,000 mg of magnesium per day, including supplements and food sources.

Magnesium supplementation has no side effects. This means that the body does not get used to supplementation and we can successfully use it all year round. If your lifestyle, your diet, your physical and mental activities require increased doses of magnesium, nothing is stopping you from taking Haya Labs Magnesium Citrate 200 mg - which contains a highly absorbable form of magnesium citrate - regularly.

1 serving, 2 tablets:
Magnesium Citrate - 400 mg - is a combination of citric acid salt and magnesium, which has an absorption rate of 90%, making magnesium citrate one of the better-absorbed supplements of its kind. The influence of magnesium on the human body is extremely wide, as it is responsible for the functioning of almost 300 different enzymes, as well as all metabolic transformations of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Magnesium deficiency can be felt primarily through our nervous system, which begins to work inefficiently and allows the occurrence of involuntary muscle contractions. This is a sign that magnesium levels are very low and additional supplementation is necessary. Magnesium also builds bones, is responsible for the skeletal system, and along with potassium is one of the intracellular cations that regulate fluid, among other things. Magnesium quite often forms the formula of a ZMA supplement. Where magnesium is combined with zinc and vitamin B6. Using magnesium before bed speeds up relaxation and allows you to have a deeper and more restful sleep.

Dosage: 1 serving, 2 tablets daily.

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1 serving, 2 tablets daily.


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