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Haya Vitamin D3 400 IU 250 caps

Haya Vitamin D3 400 IU 250 caps

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Haya Vitamin D3 400 IU 250 caps is a high-quality vitamin D3 in a significant dose of 400 international units covering the needs of the most demanding people including professional athletes!

Haya Vitamin D3 400 IU 250 caps vitamin D3 is an essential component of your diet, which is responsible for several physiological processes. If we consider the areas in which vitamin D3 acts it is difficult for us to find physiological processes that are not under its control.

Effects of Haya Vitamin D3 400 IU:

  • Supports bone formation,
  • Responsible for calcium storage,
  • Supports testosterone synthesis,
  • Regulates immunity,
  • Improves mood,
  • Improves insulin sensitivity,
  • Responsible for muscle function.

Vitamin D3 contributes to adequate calcium concentration in blood, mineralization of bones and teeth, and insulin production, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous, muscular, or immune system. Immune system. It ensures the normal structure of the skeletal system and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Vitamin D3 deficiency contributes to insomnia, slowed peristalsis of the digestive system (intestines), fatigue, and muscle cramps. For athletes, its normal blood concentration (75-125 nmol/l) interacts with increased testosterone levels. Thus, athletes with normal vitamin D concentrations have lower body fat.

1 serving, 1 capsule:
Vitamin D3 - cholecalciferol - 400 IU - is synthesized in the skin under the influence of sunlight. Due to low insolation in Poland, it is recommended year-round supplementation with the periodic change of concentration of its supply. According to research, 25(OH)D concentrations below 50 nmol/L (20 ng/ml) may occur in up to 80% of the population in Poland. Research indicates that treatment of vitamin D deficiency to the level of 75-100 nmol/L (40 ng/ml) vitamin D in serum increases the success rate against chronic hepatitis C, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, atopic dermatitis. The vitamin D supply for adults is 800-2000 IU/day from September through April. This dose is recommended year-round for individuals who do not expose their bodies to adequate sun exposure during the sunny (summer) months. According to the 2013 guidelines "Vitamin D supplementation guidelines for Central Europe - recommended vitamin D doses for a healthy population and vitamin D deficiency risk group", for risk groups the recommended vitamin D dose is 4000 IU/day all year round. Continuous supplementation is also recommended for elderly people or women during menopause.

Dosage: 5-10 capsule in a day.

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5-10 capsule in a day.


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