Mass Genetics Lean Mass Extreme 90 caps ostarine


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Mass Genetics Lean Mass Extreme preparation rich in ostarine is able to provide constant and stable gains in muscle mass and strength in a short time.

Lean Mass Extreme perfectly accelerates the growth of muscle mass, thanks to it we can get rid of troublesome injuries, strengthen our joints, tendons and the entire movement apparatus in a completely safe way. Ostarine does not inhibit its own testosterone production, so it does not require PCT products. It is a sarm often chosen also by women. A high dose of 10 mg per capsule. Ostarine is a non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that was originally used to alleviate muscle wasting.

Lean Mass Extreme is one of the most anabolic sarms

It is recommended for people who want to achieve high increases in lean muscle mass. Research shows that the use of ostarine strengthens bones and skeletal muscle tissues. Therefore, it can be used as a strengthening for joints and bones, especially during the rehabilitation period and after injuries.

Lean Mass Extreme dosage:

1 capsule a day.



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