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Lawless Labs Ibuta HGH MK-677 45 caps

Lawless Labs Ibuta HGH MK-677 45 caps

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Try Ibuta Lawless Labs at a high dose of 25 mg, one of the best growth hormone boosting compounds!

Lawless Labs Ibuta is one of the most effective agents available on the market and is an alternative to steroids and prohormones that fully matches their effectiveness, without causing strong side effects.

Lawless Ibuta MK-677 is:

  • Ghrelin mimicker,
  • Improves appetite,
  • Promotes growth hormone secretion,
  • Has a strong anabolic effect,
  • Significant gains in muscle mass.

What is MK-677?

MK-677, also referred to as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, is a ghrelin mimetic. The preparation has a strong anabolic and anti-catabolic effect, effectively reduces the level of cortisol in the blood and creates ideal conditions for the development of muscle mass. Additionally, it does not change the levels of prolactin and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Ibuta Lawless Labs mimics the action of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which in turn leads to an increase in the amount of growth hormone secreted by the body. The increase in GH automatically increases the secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1, which is one of the most desirable hormones among bodybuilders. Unlike synthetic, exogenous growth hormone, it is quite well tolerated by the body.

Ibutamoren can be combined with LGD-4033 and RAD-140. One capsule contains 25 mg of active substance with high bioavailability!

The half-life of MK677 is 24 hours; therefore it is an excellent alternative to hormone injections, which should be performed several times a day in order to maintain the appropriate concentration of somatropin (GH).

Benefits of using Ibuta Lawless Labs:

Increased Gains in Muscle Mass MK-677 (Ibutamoren) is known to be effective in increasing human growth hormone as well as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Both of these hormones play an important role in building muscle mass and increasing strength. The increase in these hormones allows you to quickly increase the size of the muscles. Ibuta Lawless Labs provides lasting and fat-free weight gain. Increased levels of GH and IGF-1 provide an ideal environment for the growth and development of muscle mass. It allows you to expose details and impeccable presentation of the figure.

Better Sleep Quality Many users who have studied MK 677 have noticed a significant increase in overall sleep quality. It mainly affects sleep in rapid eye movement (REM) mode. Again, this is why it is considered a great recovery compound.

Improves skin and hair quality Since this compound is known to be effective in raising growth hormone levels, it can also have a positive effect on skin and hair. HGH has been shown to interact with skin cells, which may have a positive effect on cell quality.

It increases metabolism, allows you to lose body fat, reducing body weight

It allows you to perform longer workouts with additional weight, reduces the feeling of fatigue during the day. Perfectly influences the mood. Growth hormone levels increase gradually, so it takes time to feel the results.

Ibuta Lawless Labs Dosage:

1 capsule a day in the morning.

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1 capsule a day in the morning.


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