MaxLife Naturals TUDCA 500mg 60 caps




MaxLife Naturals TUDCA Liver and Nerve Support 500mg 60 caps is tauroursodeoxycholic acid mainly used to promote the flow of bile in the liver.

Taking the right dose helps to clear the bile from the liver’s ducts. Using the supplement restores healthy liver function, can help to cleanse the intestines, strengthens the immune function, supports the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and regulates insulin levels. The use of Tudca allows you to reduce the negative impact of strong anabolics on the liver, and perfectly supports the detoxification of the body. Tauroursodeoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring water-soluble bile acid found in the body that is extremely safe and effective.

A high dose of Tudca 500 mg in one capsule!

Tudca helps to prevent the formation of toxic steroid metabolites, reverses the toxic effects of already formed metabolites and accelerates their elimination from the liver. If you are during or after a cycle with oral steroids the supplement is essential for you! Supplement recommended to ensure the continuity of sports progression, it is extremely important to maintain a strong and healthy liver.

Dosage of MaxLife Naturals TUDCA Liver and Nerve Support:

1 capsule  a day.



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