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Alpha Supps Tudca 30 caps

Alpha Supps Tudca 30 caps

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Alpha Supps Tudca 30 caps a.k.a. tauroursodeoxycholic acid is an active compound that perfectly supports liver function. The action of the acid supports liver function, its enzymatic functions, but also regenerates damaged liver cells. Tudca is widely used in problems of the digestive system. Its action contributes to the reduction of any inflammation, which in turn provides relief when we have problems with bloating, pressure in the abdominal cavity, as well as coping with the reduction of abdominal pain. Importantly, Tudca also allows us to make better use of the other ingredients we use in supplementation. It aids digestion, as well as food absorption.

Alpha Supps Tudca is:

  • Supports the digestive system,
  • Protects the liver,
  • Accelerates liver cell regeneration,
  • Has a shielding effect against SAA and PH,
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects.

What is TUDCA?

Tudca is often used as an adjunct treatment for liver diseases. Hepatitis C, steatosis problems and cirrhosis are among the many diseases that are supported with Tudca supplements. The product's action will also work well as a so-called casing during the use of strong medications. In terms of chemical structure, TUDCA is a bile acid salt. Importantly, it is very easily soluble in water, so we can take advantage of its beneficial effects.

Who should use TUDCA dietary supplement?

The dietary supplement is dedicated to all people who have problems with the digestive system, as well as the work of the liver itself. It is a must-have item for any advanced bodybuilder who overeats huge amounts of food, as well as uses liver-straining agents. The Tudca supplement will also work well as part of drug therapy, where there has been a significant strain on the liver.

Alpha Supps Tudca composition:

1 serving, 1 capsule:

TUDCA - 250 mg - tauroursodeoxycholic acid. It is a bile salt that is released by our liver. Its activation occurs in the intestines, where it exhibits its specific biological action. Tudca is designed to support the digestive system, mainly the work of the liver. It will effectively remove toxins, increase bile production, as well as neutralize the effects of harmful active substances. It is especially recommended to use Tudca during cycles with methylated prohormones.

Alpha Supps Tudca dosage:

1 serving, 1 capsule per day.

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1 serving, 1 capsule per day.


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