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Bio Enhancement Rad-140 15 mg 60 caps

Bio Enhancement Rad-140 15 mg 60 caps

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Bio Enhancement Rad-140 15 mg 60 caps SARM for muscle mass

Bio Enhancement Rad-140 15 mg 60 caps is one of the more potent SARMs that is excellent for building muscle. RAD-140 is often compared in effect to pure testosterone. It strongly influences muscle protein synthesis, so its action allows for significant muscle gains. RAD-140 is used not only by amateur trainers, but has also found its use among professionals. If you are a person who is serious about your workouts, would like to break the moment of stagnation and significantly increase muscle mass, then RAD-140 is a supplement that will meet your expectations.

Bio Enhancement Rad-140 15 mg 60 caps are:

  • Increase in pure muscle mass,
  • Significant anabolic effect,
  • Muscle protection,
  • Faster muscle recovery,
  • Does not burden the liver.

How does RAD-140 work?

RAD 140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), which means that it is a substance that acts on androgen receptors in the body, but in a selective, or selective, manner. RAD 140 works by binding to androgen receptors in muscle tissue and bone, leading to increased protein synthesis and increased muscle mass. In addition, the formula can improve endurance and increase muscle strength.

Unlike traditional agents, which can affect many different tissues in the body and lead to side effects, RAD 140 works selectively on muscle tissue and bones, allowing you to achieve the intended effects without adverse side effects.

Bio Enhancement Rad-140 15 mg 60 caps composition:

1 serving, 1 capsule.

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1 serving, 1 capsule.


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