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Core Labs On Cycle Complete 120 caps

Core Labs On Cycle Complete 120 caps

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Core Labs On Cycle Complete 120 caps comprehensive cycle support

Core Labs On Cycle Complete 120 caps is a dietary supplement from the cycle support group. Its purpose is to act as a shield for the body during treatment with PH or SAA. On Cycle Complete is designed to support multiple systems and organs. Its action focuses on liver shielding, which is a great addition to methylated agents. However, that's not all, it also protects the heart, kidneys and prostate. The product also contains additions of chelated zinc and selenium to take care of the appearance of the skin.

Core Labs On Cycle Complete is:

  • Complete protection for the body,
  • A shielding effect for the liver,
  • Supports kidney function,
  • Protects the skin from eczema,
  • An ideal supplement for PH.

Does it need Cycle Support dietary supplements?

Cycle support supplements are usually multi-ingredient products with complex effects. Core Labs decided to supplement its offer with a blend of active ingredients that protect the body during a strong cycle. Depending on which agents you use, these are often substances that are demanding on the liver or kidneys. Methylated agents must be metabolized by the liver which forces it to work hard. The same is true for the kidneys. Cycle Support supplements are designed to minimize the possible side effects of stronger supplementation. The protective action helps counteract the strain on internal organs, as well as allowing them to recover and return to full strength faster.

Core Labs On Cycle Complete composition:

Vitamins and minerals - the supplement provides essential basic vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and B6. It also contains magnesium, zinc and selenium.

Heart Support - support for the heart

Hawthorn Berry - 400 mg - plant extract effectively affects lipid levels and heart function. Among other things, its action has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of fats in the body which effectively regulates cholesterol levels. It lowers bad LDL cholesterol and raises HDL - the so-called good cholesterol. Low levels of bad cholesterol mean a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Na-r-ALA - 100 mg - ALA acid has strong antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory effects. Among other things, its action will regulate lipid metabolism. Interestingly, r-ALA also has blood pressure-regulating properties. Antioxidant activity will effectively reduce free radical activity.

Garlic - 100 mg - garlic is known for its health-promoting properties, which promote the maintenance of impeccable heart function, as well as lower blood pressure. Garlic also influences coronary vascular function, contributes to the maintenance of optimal circulation in the heart muscle, maintains its normal function.

DiMagnesium Malate - 100 mg - DiMagnesium Malate is a form of magnesium with strong biological properties. It is characterized by much better absorption and action. Magnesium is essential for proper heart and nervous system function. It regulates the level of nerve impulses, as well as being responsible for optimal hydration of cells. Moreover, it is essential for energy production.

CoQ10 - 50 mg - is a powerful antioxidant with a broad spectrum of action. Coenzyme Q10 is essential for maintaining cell properties. It is responsible for energy production in the mitochondria. As we age, the demand for q10 increases which we should take into account in supplementation when we care about impeccable heart function.

Liver Support - liver support.

NAC - 600 mg - acetylated form of cysteine has a number of positive actions. First of all, it is responsible for the production of glutathione - a very important and powerful antioxidant that perfectly regenerates our body. NAC has a very strong effect on liver function, facilitates liver function, detoxifies and supports fat metabolism.

TUDCA - 300 mg - or tauroursodeoxycholic acid. This is a substance that is produced by the gall bladder, among others. Its action has a very positive effect on liver function. It relieves the burden on it, protects it and accelerates regeneration. Tudca is often an adjunct in the treatment of liver steatosis. It is a very effective additive when using strong methylated agents.

Thistle - 300 mg - is a commonly used ingredient that regenerates the liver. Thistle is a source of silymarin, these are active substances that perfectly support liver regeneration. Silymarin has an effective regenerative effect and promotes liver regeneration.

Rosemary Leaf Extract - 100 mg - Rosemary extract has strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Importantly, it has antioxidant activity which will promote the reduction of free radical activity. Rosemary extract will counteract inflammation of the liver.

Phospholipids - 100 mg - Phospholipids are substances that naturally occur in cell membranes. Their action will support the maintenance of cell membrane integrity which will support the maintenance of a healthy liver. Phospholipids will also support the absorption of the various active ingredients in the supplement.

L-Glutathione - 50 mg - glutathione is among the active compounds that excel in cleansing the liver. It has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative effects. Glutathione has detoxifying properties and can neutralize substances harmful to the liver.

Prostate Support - support for the prostate

Saw Palmetto - 450 mg - is an ingredient that perfectly inhibits DHT activity. This action will, among other things, reduce hair loss. Sabal palm is also a prostate support supplement. It is worth including Saw Palmetto in your supplementation when using DHT agents. The strong anti-inflammatory effect will improve many areas of the body's health.

Kidney Support - support for kidney function

Cordyceps - 500 mg - belongs to a genus of mushrooms with strong adaptogenic effects. It is used as a support for the treatment of chronic kidney disease, where it helps improve kidney function and supports its filtration work.

Skin Support

Zinc - 300 mg - zinc in chelated form - is an essential element for protein production, as well as being responsible for the production of nucleic acids. An adequate amount of zinc influences, among other things, the correct construction of DNA. Zinc affects many processes, many enzymes, and is essential in the regeneration of many tissues and organs including the liver. It has a tonic effect on the skin and protects it from eczema.

Selenium - 7000 mcg - selenium in chelated form - is mainly known for its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Selenium will protect the skin from changes with pro-inflammatory substrates, which effectively keeps the skin looking nice and smooth.

Core Labs On Cycle Complete dosage:

1 serving, 2-3 capsules daily throughout the day.

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1 serving, 2-3 capsules daily throughout the day.


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