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E.T. Labz Black

E.T. Labz Black Ice 45 caps

E.T. Labz Black Ice 45 caps

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E.T. Labz Black Ice 45 caps is an ultra-powerful fat burner based on AMP Citrate and Alpha Yohimbine. The supplement is additionally supplemented with a solid dose of caffeine and Eria Jerensis extract which contains n-phenethyl dimethylamine. The fat burner is designed for extreme weight loss, getting very low-fat levels that will show off all your muscles. The high dose of alpha yohimbine will help reduce the most resistant fat, and the addition of powerful stimulants will allow you to perform intense workouts even on very low calories.

Effect of Black Ice:

  • Strong thermogenic effect,
  • Very strong stimulation,
  • Appetite suppression,
  • Contains AMP Citrate,
  • Improves mood,
  • Nootropic effect,
  • Improves concentration,
  • Accelerates weight loss,
  • High dose of Alpha Yohimbine,
  • Supports insulin sensitivity,
  • Blocks the re-deposition of fat.

Who do we recommend Black Ice to?
E.T. Labz Black Ice is thermogenic with a strong stimulating effect that's perfect for the end of a reduction to burn fat. We recommend this product, especially for experienced people who can tolerate very strong incinerators and can embrace the power that is in them. If you want to lose weight fast, see your muscles, get rid of tires and sides, then Black Ice is an excellent choice to get rid of unwanted fat.

1 serving, 1 capsule:
Caffeine - 300 mg - belongs to the stimulants from the group of alkaloids with adenosine activity blocking action. Caffeine is widely used in sports as a stimulant and as an element of supplementation intended to improve exercise capacity. Interestingly, caffeine also speeds up recovery, and its small doses together with carbohydrates are an excellent element of post-workout supplementation. In Black Ice, caffeine is a stimulating base that keeps the stimulation effect at a constant level.

Black Ice Stim Blend - 665 mg - a proprietary blend
1,3 DMBA - also known by names such as 1,3-dimethylbutylamine HCL, 4-amino-2-methylpentane, AMP, or AMP Citrate. It is a strong stimulating substance, whose properties resemble those of geramine. Its action allows you to perform a very intensive workout, which in consequence allows you to increase your energy expenditure and burn more fat tissue. It also has a thermogenic effect. In the sports supplementation, it is used as a stimulating base for burners, no-boosters, and pre-workouts.

Guarana Seed Extract (22% Caffeine) - Guarana is primarily a natural source of caffeine, which has a slightly more subtle but prolonged effect. In supplements like Black Ice, guarana is used as an element to prevent sudden drops in energy, counteracting the "crush" effect. Other active substances found in guarana include catechins and procyanides.

Eria Jarensis - has a stimulating effect thanks to n-phenethyl dimethylamine contained in the extract. In the sports supplementation, Eria Jarensis is used as a replacement for geramine to effectively increase exercise capacity, stimulate the nervous system, and facilitate physical exertion. N-phenethyl dimethylamine can also stimulate dopamine, thus improving our mood.

Choline Citrate - too a combination of citric acid and choline, which is supposed to effectively support its absorption. Choline is an essential ingredient in the production of neurotransmitters, mainly acetylcholine, and it constitutes "food" for the brain, which facilitates its functioning. It helps to remember things faster, supports cognitive functions and the learning process.

Noopept - a classic nootropic supplement, which perfectly stimulates the number of neurotransmitters in our body. It effectively improves memory function, enables faster learning and memorizing, effectively increases the level of attention. Noopept mainly influences the level of acetylcholine, has anti-anxiety effects, allows better protection of cells from neurodegenerative activity, which is connected with its antioxidant effects.

Vinpocetine - has a nootropic effect by increasing blood flow through small blood vessels. This action allows more glucose and oxygen to reach brain tissue, allowing for more strenuous mental work. It gives a pleasant feeling of stimulation, improves mood, and allows for greater mental and physical effort. Nootropic effects include increased concentration, faster memory, and better attention.

Piperine - piperine comes from the black pepper fruit and its properties consist mainly in supporting the absorption of active substances contained in the Black Ice burner. Piperine blocks liver enzymes so that the active ingredients have a chance to be fully absorbed and used for the body's needs. What's more, piperine also has a thermogenic effect, which will further raise your body temperature.

Alpha-Yohimbine HCL - yohimbine shows strong stimulating effects which include blocking alpha-2-adrenergic receptors. It also has a strong thermogenic effect, which can be successfully used for fat-burning purposes. Yohimbine is known for its strong slimming properties, and its action allows for the reduction of resistant fat tissue, which makes it possible to achieve a very low percentage of body fat. The sports supplementation, it is also used in the form of an addition to pre-training supplements as a stimulating and nootropic supplement.

Huperzine A - increases cognitive function and belongs to the group of stimulants and nootropic substances. Its action effectively increases the amount of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter with cognitive-enhancing effects. Huperzine is used for more effective learning, faster recall, concentration and focus. In the sports supplementation, it works perfectly in table sports, enhancing reaction time, but also in bodybuilding, as an element providing very good concentration, which translates into better muscle feeling.

Recommended Dosage: 1 serving, 1 capsule 30 min before workout.


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Recommended Dosage: 1 serving, 1 capsule 30 min before workout.


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