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Elite Form Phenom

Elite Form Phenom

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Elite Form Phenom pre-workout supplement with a very strong stimulating effect.

Elite Form Phenom is a dietary supplement from the group of pre-workout boosters heavily saturated with stimulants. The product stimulates perfectly and allows us to perform a very intensive workout. Also noteworthy is the high content of no-boosters. Phenom not only stimulates strongly, but also gives maximum muscle pump. As much as 1500 mg of agmatine in the formulation does a very good job! If you like strong stimulation and an equally strong pump, this will be the perfect product for you!

Elite Form Phenom is:

  • Strong stimulating effect,
  • Powerful muscle pump,
  • As much as 1500 mg of agmatine per serving!
  • Increased endurance,
  • Highly intense training.

Why is Phenom a complete pre-workout?

The pre-workout supplement contains as much as 1,500 milligrams of agmatine in its composition. If we're talking about its effect on pumping blood to the muscles, this is quite a high dose. However, it doesn't stop there. It is fortified with an additional 3,000 mg of l-citrulline, which has a strong biological effect. Also noteworthy is the amount of beta-alanine, of which we have as much as 3200 mg. This is quite a high dose for pre-workout products.

However, most people will be more interested in Phenom Stim Blend, which is a blend of stimulating components. Here we have a proprietary active blend that consists of caffeine, guarana, DMBA, DMHA and Rauwolscine. This is a very well devised composition. The ingredients act strongly synergistically and cause a significant increase in energy and stimulation.

Phenom contains a forceful mix of stimulants and a high dose of pumping substances.

Elite Form Phenom composition:

1 serving, 10.232 grams:

Beta-alanine - 3,200 mg - is one of the substances with an endurance-enhancing effect. Beta-alanine effectively stimulates carnosine levels. This effect will increase muscular endurance, their regenerative capacity. Beta-alanine has a pronounced effect, increases exercise capacity and allows a stronger overtraining of muscles.

L-Cytrulline - 3000 mg - a powerful no-booster, which allows for a very strong muscle pump. Citrulline allows your body to produce more arginine. This is more effective because the arginine produced in the body is not subjected to the enzyme arginase. More arginine means a much greater muscle pump. Citrulline also translates into a typically endurance effect.

Agmatine - 1500 mg - many times agmatine is called super arginine. It is a metabolite that has a comprehensive effect on the athlete's body. Agmatine has a very strong effect as a no-booster. Even doses of 500 mg are strongly noticeable. In Phenom, we have as much as 1,500 mg, which makes one serving pump your muscles to the limit.

Phenom Stim Blend - 902 mg - a blend of stimulants.

Caffeine Anhydrous - 350 mg - is an essential stimulant that is widely found in the diets of people in training. Caffeine is most commonly consumed in the form of coffee. In dietary supplements, it is the base for pre-workouts. Caffeine increases muscular endurance, delays the sensation of fatigue, and allows you to perform hard training. It also has a thermogenic effect.

Guarana extract - standardised at 22% caffeine - guarana is a source of caffeine, but its effects are somewhat more subtle. Many people who use guarana point to its stimulating effect, which lasts slightly longer than regular anhydrous caffeine. Guarana is a balancing additive for powerful stimulants such as DMAA, DMHA, AMP Citrate.

DMBA (1,3 Dimethylbutylamine HCL) - also known as AMP Citrate, is a stimulant that is similar in action to DMAA - geramine. DMBA effectively raises neurotransmitter levels, strongly stimulates the nervous system and gives you a huge boost of energy, which translates into a much better workout. DMBA works very well in combination with caffeine, which is a huge plus for this blend. The substance has a moderate nootropic effect.

DMHA (2-amino-6-methylheptane) - like AMP, DMHA has a strong effect on the nervous system and allows us to get a very strong boost. The combination of DMBA and DMHA is a great success: the two substances have a similar effect, but their effects on the nervous system are complementary. DMHA also shows a mood-enhancing effect, supports a better mood and adds motivation. DMHA usually replaces the previously found DMAA in dietary supplements

Rauwolscine HCL - being a source of alpha yohimbine - a rich source of alpha yohimbine with powerful biological effects. The current stimulant fad has moved towards using the effects of yohimbine to supplement the effects of powerful stimulants. Yohimbine has a stimulating effect on its own, but also improves energy capabilities. The powerful effects of yohimbine complement Phenom's stimulant blend perfectly.

Elite Form Phenom dosage:

1 serving 20-30 minutes before training

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1 serving 20-30 minutes before training


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