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GN Laboratories

GN Laboratories Base Powder Electrolyte 250g

GN Laboratories Base Powder Electrolyte 250g

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Base Powder by GN Laboratories: Combat Acidosis and Boost Mineral Intake

Maintaining a balanced acid-base environment in your body is crucial for overall health. When this balance is disrupted, it can lead to a range of symptoms that affect your well-being. Base Powder by GN Laboratories is designed to prevent acidosis and supply essential minerals for optimal health.

Product Highlights:

  • Prevents Acidosis: Effectively counteracts body acidosis through multiple pathways.
  • Relieves Acidosis Symptoms: Addresses symptoms such as fatigue, reduced concentration, and physical performance.
  • Supplies Essential Minerals: Provides vital minerals without harmful baking soda.
  • Easy to Dose: Convenient and 100% vegan.

Understanding Acidosis

Acidosis, or excessive acidity in the body, can be acute or chronic. While acute acidosis is a medical emergency, Base Powder targets latent acidosis, which can affect overall health and performance without lowering the body’s pH below 7. Symptoms of acidosis develop gradually and can significantly impact health, including fatigue, poor concentration, and decreased physical performance.

Common Causes of Acidosis

Latent acidosis is prevalent due to diets high in animal protein and grains, which are acidic, and low in fruits and vegetables, which are alkaline. Additionally, fasting and fat-loss diets can release keto acids, further contributing to acidosis.

How Base Powder Works

Base Powder contains synergistic ingredients essential for regulating the acid-base balance and reducing acidosis. Unlike traditional bicarbonates like sodium bicarbonate, which can be neutralized by stomach acid and harmful over time, Base Powder uses more effective components.

Key Ingredients in Base Powder:


Minerals in Base Powder are in citrate form, acting as acid buffers by converting to citric acid, which is metabolized into carbon dioxide.


Essential for transporting acids out of cells, potassium deficiency impairs acid removal and cellular metabolism.


Involved in acid buffering, sufficient calcium intake prevents the body from depleting bone calcium reserves, maintaining bone stability.


Part of multiple acid-buffer systems, magnesium deficiency from acidosis can impair muscle and nerve function and bone health.


Zinc supports the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, crucial for forming bicarbonate, an effective acid buffer in the blood.

Vitamin D

Works synergistically with calcium for bone stability and repair.

GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

We use only the purest and highest quality ingredients. All products are regularly tested in independent labs to ensure consistent quality.

Base Powder by GN Laboratories effectively counters a common issue of acidosis, providing a strongly alkaline solution with essential minerals to improve overall well-being and balance dietary effects on the acid-base environment.

Achieve optimal health with Base Powder by GN Laboratories – because results matter.

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