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GN Laboratories Vein Support Complex - 120 capsules

GN Laboratories Vein Support Complex - 120 capsules

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Whether you are an intense exercising athlete looking to maintain vein health for optimal circulation and maximum pump, or you suffer from chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, or hemorrhoids, this is the optimal supplement for you

  • Supports the health of your veins for optimal blood circulation
  • Healthy veins are crucial for maximum performance during intense strength training
  • May relieve hemorrhoid symptoms, such as itching, swelling, pain and bleeding
  • May reduce inflammation of the veins
  • Has antioxidant properties to protect the inner lining of blood vessels, known as the endothelium, from free radical damage
  • Can effectively relieve unpleasant symptoms of venous insufficiency, including edema, pain, swelling, ulcers, restless leg syndrome, cramps and heavy legs
  • May strengthen blood vessels
  • May reduce the risk of developing varicose veins and hemorrhoids
  • May counteract problems such as water retention and risk of thrombosis during long flights

The Vein Support Complex active ingredient matrix and its unique effects

Diosmin from bitter orange extract

  • Helps restore normal blood flow (1)
  • May relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids such as itching and bleeding and speed healing after hemorrhoid surgery (2, 3)
  • May relieve symptoms of venous insufficiency such as edema, pain, swelling, ulcers, heavy legs, tingling, and varicose veins (4)
  • May reduce phlebitis (5)

Horse chestnut extract standardized to 20% aescin

  • May strengthen blood vessels and improve venous tone (6, 11)
  • May improve blood flow in the legs (7)
  • May relieve symptoms of venous insufficiency (8)
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory effects (9)
  • May relieve symptoms of varicose veins and hemorrhoids (9, 10)

Butcher's broom extract

  • May reduce chronic venous insufficiency (12)
  • May help veins contract and facilitate blood transport back to the heart (13)
  • May reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids and relieve symptoms of this condition (14)

Rutin from Japanese mustard tree

  • Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (15)
  • May prevent leg swelling during long flights (16)
  • May reduce symptoms of varicose veins and venous insufficiency (17)
  • May significantly reduce pain and bleeding in hemorrhoids (18)
  • May dilate veins via increasing nitric oxide production (19)

Hesperidin from bitter orange extract

  • Possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (20, 21).
  • Acts synergistically with diosmin to relieve uncomfortable symptoms of venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids (22, 23)

Rockweed extract

  • Possesses blood thinning properties that could improve blood circulation and counteract thrombosis formation
  • May relieve unpleasant symptoms of varicose veins and hemorrhoids

Red Vine Leaf Extract

  • Stabilizes the endothelium of the capillaries and promotes their repair, reducing unwanted permeability that can lead to water retention in the legs
  • May significantly reduce unpleasant symptoms of venous insufficiency (24)
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Take 3-4 capsules daily with plenty of liquid.


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