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Lawless Labs Godzilla Sarm Stack 90 caps

Lawless Labs Godzilla Sarm Stack 90 caps

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Lawless Labs Godzilla is a new SARM stack with anabolic effects.

Lawless Labs Godzilla is a new anabolic stack. It is a combination of five strong sarms: MK-2866, LGD-4033, MK-677, GW 501516, RAD 140. The high-quality sarm stack contains a set of the most effective sarms on the market and is recommended for a mass cycle. Godzilla noticeably increases muscle mass without storing excess body fat. The preparation building solid muscle growth is one of the strongest anabolic preparations available on the market. This product allows you to achieve the desired body weight for everyone who finds it difficult to gain additional weight due to genetic conditions or a fast metabolism.

The Godzilla Sarm Stack is:

  • 4 of the most powerful SARMs,
  • Improved appetite,
  • Increase in endurance,
  • Increase in muscle strength,
  • Significant gains in muscle mass.

Stack perfectly improves the appearance of the figure, has no side effects and is readily used by athletes. The effect of the use is a rapid increase in muscle mass, better training endurance and overall efficiency of the body. After using the product, therapy with PCT products is recommended.

Sarm Godzilla ingredients:

MK 2866 - is a selective androgen receptor modulator also known as SARM, which aims to increase the growth of muscle mass. The preparation also prevents the loss of previously developed muscle mass and strengthens strength. The mechanism of action of ostarine is multidirectional, and the preparation can be used not only to build muscle mass. Athletes use ostarine for post-workout regeneration to take care of joints and muscle tissue.

GW 501516 - Also known as Cardarine, it was originally used to reduce cholesterol levels. At an early stage of research, scientists noticed that the compound could increase the metabolism of fatty acids. By defining otherwise, Cardarine can mimic the effects of exercise, which immediately aroused great interest among athletes and bodybuilders. It is an antagonist of the peroxisome activator-delta-poliferator receptor, which regulates fatty acid metabolism. The compound effectively increases muscle endurance and fat burning. Cardarine will allow you to keep energy in the gym and increase the intensity of training sessions. Most athletes take the productto lose unnecessary fat because it allows glucose to be uptake in the muscles, which promotes a lean and athletic figure. The compound has an anti-catabolic effect, so you don't have to worry about losing muscle tissue while taking it.

MK 677 - called Ibutamoren, an extremely effective substance administered orally, increasing the secretion of growth hormone. Studies have confirmed that it not only increases the secretion of several hormones, but also causes their sustained increase in plasma levels, which creates an ideal environment for muscle building and fat reduction, even at the same time. It is one of the few substances that has been proven effective in humans to increase muscle mass and bone tissue. Most importantly, it has no effect on the level of cortisol, thus it does not in any way promote the increase of muscle catabolism.

LGD 4033 - an effective, selective androgen receptor modulator, however, not having a steroid structure. It works by attaching to the androgen receptor, which in turn translates into increased anabolic processes in skeletal muscles, leading to an increase in body weight. It is probably the strongest legal anabolic on the market, discovered medically where it was used to treat muscle wasting in the fight against various diseases. Despite the relatively low popularity, clinical trials confirm its effectiveness at a relatively low dose, which allows to minimize any side effects of the product. In addition, the results of the research turned out to be astonishing, because SARM LGD turned out to be more effective than the popular and appreciated in the world ostarine cycle, which is considered a natural alternative to steroids. The first attempts show the enormous potential of this agent, which certainly has a chance to gain much greater recognition and popularity among users. It is intended for everyone who wants to transfer their cycle to the highest level of sophistication, as well as for those who have already tried everything on the market and are looking for the strongest sarms available on the market.

RAD 140 - currently the most amazing substance in the world of cycle sarms, with the greatest potential. The first tests showed that the anabolic properties of the product are able to surpass even the effects of synthetic testosterone, which is considered the most anabolic doping agent. However, most importantly, RAD does not cause side effects that are attributed to testosterone, such as a negative effect on the prostate or other internal organs. It is also not stored in the body in the form of DHT, which reduces the risk of hair loss, among other things. The use of rad 140 leads to an increase in anabolic processes in the body, moreover, it allows for greater density and quality of muscles. RAD is also used by athletes, not only bodybuilders, but also those for whom muscle strength and endurance are important aspects, as well as improving the overall efficiency of the body.

Godzilla dosage:

1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

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1 capsule 1-2 times a day.


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