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Lawless Testolone Liquid Sarm Rad-140 20mg 30 ml

Lawless Testolone Liquid Sarm Rad-140 20mg 30 ml

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Lawless Testolone Liquid Sarm Rad-140 SARM with a highly anabolic effect.

Lawless Testolone Liquid Sarm Rad-140 20 mg is a SARM with a very strong effect, which is designed to exceed the anabolic potential of testosterone. Ultimately, it was invented as a synthetic testosterone replacement that will not affect aromatization or conversion to DHT. The substance is relatively new, as it was invented in 2010 and already at that moment attracted attention due to its strong action. In sport, RAD-140 is perfect for the periods of building muscle mass, but it is also widely used during reduction as an element protecting muscle mass against catabolism.

Lawless Testolone Liquid Sarm Rad-140:

  • Powerful anabolic effect,
  • More anabolic than testosterone,
  • Enhance lean muscle mass,
  • Improving physical endurance.

Lawless Testolone Liquid Sarm Rad-140 is an excellent choice for people who want to increase their lean body mass.

In combination with a well-thought-out diet and workouts, RAD-140 can contribute to building muscle mass and losing fat at the same time. It is one of the strongest SARMs on the market, so its use should be well thought out. The safety of SARM use is noteworthy here. The lack of influence on the HPTA axis does not block the natural production of testosterone, so there is no need to perform PCT after cycle. Many bodybuilders use RAD-140 during a period of rest from pharmacological agents in order to continue to enjoy large muscles, limiting the so-called “Post-cycle declines”.

Lawless Testolone Liquid Sarm Rad-140 is one of the few companies that cares about the quality and concentration of its Sarm.

By using RAD-140 from Lawless, we can be sure that the components used are of high quality, and the amount of active substance delivered matches the product label. RAD-140 is characterized by a forceful anabolic activity, which translates into quick training effects. The gains in muscle mass and strength will be recorded week by week of cycle. SARM takes about two weeks of constant cycle to start to reap the full benefits of its use and feel its clear support.

The use of RAD-140 allows you to perform much harder workouts, the possibility of using a much greater load, and in addition, the muscles gain support in the form of increased muscle protein synthesis. This allows for faster results in the form of muscle tissue gains, which are relatively quick. What's more, the muscle mass built up is of perfect quality. There will be no significant water retention here, the muscles will remain dry and hard. Many bodybuilders use RAD-140 in the pre-start period to emphasize the value of the figure even more, harden it and get the most out of it.

The active substance works for 15 to 20 hours, so you can use one dose a day or divide the daily dose into two smaller ones and use the morning and evening portions. This is a very good solution for people who are not going to use AAS and do not want to inject.

What to combine RAD-140 with?

In order to build muscle mass, RAD-140 can be combined with: MK-677, LGD-4033, S4. In the case of reducing body fat, the additives GW501516, SR-9009 will work very well.


1 serving of 20 mg per day.

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1 serving of 20 mg per day.


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