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Nano Pure Glutamine · 500g

Nano Pure Glutamine · 500g

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Glutamine is a Amino acid, which in the human body for many processes a decisive role plays. It contributes to the Muscle building and has carried out a number of studies on the positive effect on the immune system shown. GN provides you with glutamine in its purest form and relies exclusively on Raw materials of the highest quality. NanoPure® Glutamine from GN Laboratories - because in the end only results count.
  • Proteinogenic amino acid
  • Scientifically proven effect
  • 100% vegan
  • Easy to dose powder form
  • NanoPure® for pure purity
  • Proven quality - Made in Germany
  • What is glutamine?

    Glutamine is counted among the so-called non-essential amino acids. This means that the body can produce glutamine itself from other amino acids if required. Glutamine is the amino acid that is present in the body in the highest amount in free form. In the amino acid pool of blood plasma, it accounts for 20% of free amino acids. In skeletal muscle, it is as much as 50 to 60 % (1). These high levels of free glutamine are related to the fact that the body requires large amounts of glutamine for many functions. The immune system and the digestive system are particularly dependent on glutamine (2). Glutamine also plays an important role in the body's protein metabolism (3). Even though the body can in principle produce glutamine itself when required, there are situations in which it develops an increased need. These situations include factors such as severe stress, illness, and intense exercise (4). Scientific studies have also shown that glutamine levels in the body can be reduced by up to 50% after an intense training session (5). Moreover, after physical exertion, it could take several hours for glutamine levels to return to normal in scientific studies (6). However, studies have shown that oral glutamine supplementation can meet the body's increased glutamine needs. This prevented muscle protein breakdown insubjects while optimizing protein metabolism (7). In studies that combined glutamine with glucose, an increase in plasma glutamine levels of up to 200% was observed (8).

    What other benefits does glutamine have?

    The immune system, with its rapidly multiplying cells, depends on glutamine for proper function. According to studies, a glutamine deficiency sometimes resulted in a reduced amount of protective T cells and reduced the ability of the phagocytes to destroy bacteria and viruses in the test subjects (9). This is particularly critical in athletes, as intense exercise has been shown to negatively affect subjects' immune systems in a variety of studies. This significantly increased their susceptibility to infectious diseases (10). However, scientific research has shown that glutamine supplementation after strenuous exercise could help strengthen the immune system of the experimental group and significantly reduce the risk of infectious diseases (11,12). A scientific study also linked glutamine to the release of growth hormones. In this study, the isolated administration of glutamine on an empty stomach was able to increase the endogenous growth hormone release of the test subjects by up to 400% (13). To achieve this effect, an administration of 2 grams of glutamine was sufficient. Muscle cell volume is also influenced by the glutamine content in the body. Similar to creatine, glutamine has the ability to draw water into the muscle cells and was thus able to increase the volume of muscle cells in a group of test subjects as part of a study (3). An increase in muscle cell volume makes muscles appear plumper and fuller. Furthermore, it also has an actual effect on muscle growth (14). Glutamine thus has several potential anabolic effects, all of which have been demonstrated in test subjects of studies. However, the results that have already been obtained on glutamine do not stop there. Scientific research has shown that glutamine was able to improve glycogen synthesis after exercise, helping to more quickly replenish glycogen stores depleted by exercise (6,16). This in turn resulted in faster recovery in the subjects. The benefits that accelerated recovery can bring are obvious

    Scientific studies have proven a whole range of positive effects that glutamine can have for the human body. NanoPure® Glutamine by GN Laboratories provides you with pure glutamine of the highest quality, so that you can fully benefit from the advantages of the amino acid. NanoPure® Glutamine by GN Laboratories - because in the end only results count.

    The NanoPure® Quality Guarantee

    NanoPure® is not just a manufacturer of various dietary supplements or ingredients, NanoPure® stands for the highest quality and maximum purity. All products, with the NanoPure® seal of approval, undergo the most stringent testing procedures before being released for sale. Independent laboratories test each batch to the highest scientific standards to ensure that no impurities can affect the quality of the products. Anyone who reads NanoPure® on a product can be sure that there are no heavy metals, no extenders and no contaminants in their product. NanoPure® stands for pure quality.

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