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Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs Crack

Phoenix Labs Crack

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Phoenix Labs Crack 3 the return of a legendary pre-workout with a powerful stimulant effect.

Phoenix Labs Crack is a revamped version of the famous pre-workout with a very strong stimulating effect. Phoenix Labs has resurrected an old legend and improved its composition to further satisfy people who love powerful pre-workouts. Crack is a typical pre-workout with a stimulating effect, which has been further supplemented with DMHA. The combination of state-of-the-art ingredients, including the DMAA geranium base, guarantees us a very good workout experience.

Phoenix Labs Crack is:

  • Powerful stimulating effect,
  • Combination of the most powerful ingredients,
  • Nootropic effect,
  • A sudden increase in energy,
  • Maximum pump for your muscles.

How does CRACK pre-workout work?

People who have been in the supplement market for a few years will remember Crack well from the times when DMAA was widely available in every sports shop. back then, the product set a very high bar in terms of boosting power and pre-workout action. The current Crack, after a slight facelift, supported by additional ingredients to make it work even more strongly, will once again pave the way for pre-workout preparations.

The very strong stimulating effect known from the previous version will be taken to an even higher level thanks to the additional DMHA content. Those looking for a good pump will not be left without support. In addition to the classic addition of Arginine, the product has been supplemented with Agmatine, which is expected to significantly increase its potential as a no-booster.

Phoenix Labs Crack composition:

1 serving, 10 grams:

VasoPump Blend - a pumping blend

AAKG - arginine in the form of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is an arginine with an extended duration of action. It causes an increase in nitric oxide synthesis in the body which translates into a significant muscle pump effect. As a no-booster, nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and thus increases blood flow, giving us a much greater opportunity for muscular development. You will feel your muscles getting fuller and more visible during your workout.

L-Arginine Ethyl Ester - the esterified form of arginine is an even better bioavailability of arginine itself. Arginine is essential for the synthesis of nitric oxide, influences, among other things, the secretion of growth hormone and supports anabolic processes. Its action as a no-booster improves venous blood flow, which contributes to a much greater muscle pump. Arginine will also influence recovery levels.

Agmatine Sulfate - agmatine is a complete hit when it comes to the degree of muscle pump. Its action is much stronger than that of classic pumps and as a no-booster it performs very well. A strong and long-lasting muscle pump is one of the advantages of using agmatine, which can be felt even at a dose of 500 mg. Agmatine also has a nootropic effect. It allows you to perform a more intense workout, which also translates into a stronger muscle pump.

L-Ornitine - ornithine is an essential amino acid which takes care of the proper course of the Krebs cycle. This means that its action will be effective in sustaining energy metabolism, including nullifying the damaging effects of ammonia. Ornithine also stabilises the action of arginine and translates into significant nitric oxide production, which enhances the no-booster effect.

Methampheta-Stim Matrix - a stimulating compound

L-Tyrosine - an amino acid with nootropic effects. Tyrosine supports cognitive functions, improves focus and concentration. Its action also improves the utilisation of nutrients, which contributes to better performance throughout the body.

Methylxanthine Anhydrous - a substance belonging to the group of alkaloids with an effect very similar to that of classic caffeine. Its chemical name is repeatedly used as an interchangeable name for stimulants from this group. It eliminates the effect of fatigue, increases the activity of neurotransmitters and allows for an intensive workout. What is more, it has a slightly thermogenic effect and contributes to a more efficient energy metabolism.

Guarana Extract - is a natural source of caffeine with a slightly more subtle effect. Guarana acts as a stabiliser in stimulant-laden products. Its action makes the descent from very strong stimulants milder and we do not experience the so-called power cut effect.

1.3-Dimethylamylamine - the very well-known substance DMAA, is a very strong stimulant with an aggressive stimulating effect. Geramine gives us a very big boost of energy, which translates into a strong increase in training intensity. Geramine is able to turn on your immortality and the weights you use during training seem to weigh a lot less. Geramin DMAA has a strong effect on neurotransmitter output, which strongly mobilises the entire nervous system to work hard.

2-Aminoisoheptane - or DMHA - is a powerful stimulant, similar in effect to geramine. DMHA causes a release of neurotransmitters, which in turn strongly stimulates the nervous system. DMHA has a less aggressive effect than DMAA. Users of both substances here compare DMHA's 70% potency to that of DMAA. DMHA also has a nootropic effect. 

Enduramax Blend - the blend causes an increase in muscular endurance.

Beta-alanine - the effect of beta-alanine is known for its particular endurance-enhancing properties. During training, it allows you to perform 1-2 repetitions more, which in turn translates into an increase in intensity. The action of beta-alanine allows faster transport of hydrogen ions - substances produced as a result of the action of lactic acid. These are what cause pain and limit further work of the muscle - commonly referred to as sourdough.

Taurine - an amino acid that we can classify as an anabolic and anti-catabolic. Depending on which of its actions we take into account, its presence in a supplement is primarily to stabilise energy metabolism. Taurine will effectively sustain the availability of energy for muscles, which will be associated with their better performance during training.

Glucuronolactone - is an organic chemical compound that occurs naturally in food. It is a metabolite of glucose. It changes the way the body uses energy and has some detoxifying and liver-protecting effects. It also helps muscles and bones to work better. Glucuronolactone can be used to improve exercise capacity.

Electroplenish Blend - Electrolyte blend

The supplement contains electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium. Electrolytes are responsible for maintaining the activity of the nervous system, taking care of the correct transmission of nerve impulses, and are responsible for an optimal level of cell hydration.

Rapid Absorption technology - an additive that improves the effect of active substances.

B-Hydroxytricarballylic acid - known as citric acid, is an additive that has a particular effect on metabolic reactions related to the utilisation of nutrients. In the supplement, it acts as a support for the utilisation of the active ingredients contained in the product. Citric acid supports the solubility of the active compounds which allows them to be utilised more efficiently.

Effersoda - is a modified sodium bicarbonate. Its action allows the product's active compounds to dissolve more quickly in the body, which affects the rate of absorption of the substances contained in it. Effersoda is a patented formula used in dietary supplements, mainly in effervescent tablets.


1 serving, 10 grams 30 minutes before training

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1 serving, 10 grams 30 minutes before training


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