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Sarma-Com Rad-140 10 mg 90 caps

Sarma-Com Rad-140 10 mg 90 caps

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Sarma-Com Rad-140 90 caps SARM for muscle mass

It is non-steroidal compound from the group of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). It shows a high anabolic potential and specific properties for the nervous system. In the sports industry, RAD-140 is also known as Testolone. Athletes and amateurs use it as a safer option to improve their body shape and physical condition, as opposed to anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). It can be used to reduce adipose tissue, as it has anti-catabolic effects - protecting muscle tissue against its breakdown. In studies, RAD-140 used in parallel with short testosterone ester but also DHT was able to reduce the effects of steroids on prostate and seminal tubules.

Sarma-Com Rad-140 90 caps:

  • Builds muscle,
  • Increases anabolism,
  • Accelerates recovery,
  • Has a strong anti-catabolic effect,
  • Allows you to break natural limits.

What is the effect of RAD-140?

The potential of this agent is determined to be similar to testosterone, which affects the growth of muscle tissue. Its advantages (apart from the above) include obtaining longer endurance, greater endurance, better muscle density, strong bones and obtaining lasting training effects. Rad-140 does not cause gynecomastia, does not convert to estrogens, does not disturb the lipid metabolism, does not damage the liver, and when taken in small doses, it does not cause the blocking effect. 

One-time serving 1 capsule
Number of servings in the package 90
Package of 90 capsules
Content in 1 portion (1 capsule) incl:
 Rad-140    10mg


1 capsule twice a day.

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1 capsule twice a day.


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