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Sarma-Com Silverback 60 caps

Sarma-Com Silverback 60 caps

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Sarma-Com Silverback 60 caps SARM stack

Sarma-Com Silverback 60 caps is a SARM stack that is a comprehensive combination of the most powerful agents that maximize the effects of gaining an athletic physique and enhancing strength during workouts!

Sarma-Com Silverback 60 caps are:

  • A combination of SARM and PH,
  • Powerful muscle-building effects,
  • Increase in muscle strength,
  • Improved endurance,
  • Improved insulin sensitivity.

Sarma-Com Silverback includes:

Dimethazine - a strong pro hormone, the main component of the complex. A close relative of Superdrol. Twice more anabolic than testosterone, slightly weaker in androgenic terms. The product is to be used during the muscle mass gain cycle, achieving impressive cutting and high vascularity effects. Increases strength and helps build hard, dry muscles.

Arimistane - the most effective aromatase inhibitor on the market. Effectively removes puffiness and excess water from the body. It hardens the muscles and intensifies anabolism. It increases the level of free testosterone, but lowers the level of cortisol and estrogen. During a reduction diet, it supports the acceleration of the rate of fat burning. It is the most effective preparation that blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

GW501516 - or Cardarine, is an agonist of PPARδ receptors (receptors activated by delta peroxisome proliferators) - it activates genes responsible for energy production, metabolism and fat burning (does not affect hormones). Recognized as the best SARM for fat burning and performance improvement. The unique action of GW501516 is that it is one of the few compounds that improves sports performance without direct anabolic and androgenic effects. Its main advantage is a significant and noticeable improvement in durability, which, according to users' opinions, is up to 20-30%. In addition to improving aerobic endurance, fat burning and increased training efficiency, Cardarine allows you to improve the lipid profile and insulin sensitivity. In the case of building muscle mass, it allows you to obtain lean mass, thus having a positive effect on the appearance of the figure and its muscles. During reduction, it works anti-catabolic, protecting muscles against breakdown. It does not block and does not affect hormones. In studies on rodents, it has been shown that in addition to the above, Cardarine reduces inflammation, improves circulation and accelerates wound healing. In addition to the positive effect on the lipid profile, it has been shown that the intake of GW501516, an hour before the high-fat breakfast consumed, causes a significant reduction in the level of triglycerides (postprandial period) - studies in humans.Cardarin is a universal agent that is used in the period of building muscle mass and reducing.  

S4 - is a non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Known as Andarine or GTX-007. It was created by GTx Inc as a drug preventing the degradation of skeletal muscles and bone tissue due to various diseases (e.g. cancer or HIV). It demonstrates the anabolic effects of muscle and bone tissue, while maintaining low androgenic activity. S4 not only prevents bone loss, but also has a positive effect on its mineral density. Loss of adipose tissue is one of the indirect effects of using S4, because its use provides the benefit of an increased amount of muscle mass. In addition, S4 causes large gains in muscle mass, improved body composition, vascularization and dryness, muscle hardness.

According to the manufacturer's declaration, the content in each capsule:

Dimethazine - 12mg

Arimistane - 50mg

GW-501516 - 10mg

S4 - 10mg

One-time serving 1 capsule
Number of servings in the package: 60
A package of 60 capsules
The content in 1 portion (1 capsule) contains 82 mg:
 17b-hydroxy-2a-17a-dimethyl, Arimistane, GW-501516, S4


1 capsule twice a day.

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1 capsule twice a day.


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