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Sarma Com Super Solider 60 caps

Sarma Com Super Solider 60 caps

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Sarma Com Super Soldier supplement for quality muscle mass.

Sarma Com Super Soldier is a blend of three ingredients that target dry muscle mass gains. The supplement has two powerful prohormones that are complemented by an unrivalled aromatase inhibitor. We get the perfect blend for maintaining a very good appearance, but also allowing us to make significant gains in muscle mass. The product is ideal for people who want to break through their current shape and get the figure they have only dreamed of!

Sarma Com Super Soldier is:

  • A comprehensive formulation of 3 ingredients,
  • Powerful estrogen blocking action,
  • High quality muscle mass gains,
  • Very good for building muscle strength,
  • Reduces retention, improves bodybuilding.

Excellent quality gains and safe estrogen protective action!

The content of the powerful arimistane inhibitor takes care of the high quality of your gains.

To whom do we recommend Super Soldier?

The product is dedicated to advanced individuals who are well aware of their body's needs. The supplement has a strong anabolic effect, and is ideal for making so-called quality mass. The use of prohormones, which do not cause significant water retention, is ideal for building pure muscle mass.

Sarma Com Super Soldier 60 caps

1 serving, 2 capsules:

Androst-3 5-diene-7,17-dione - 50 mg - known as arimistane is a very strong aromatase inhibitor and therefore also a testosterone booster. Arimistane allows us to fully control the estrogens in the body, which prevents unpleasant complaints such as gynaecomastia. Arimistane also takes excellent care of the body's hard and muscular appearance. It prevents the accumulation of water. By reducing the conversion of testosterone into estradiol, Arimistane causes a significant increase in testosterone in the body.

2a-17a-dimethyl-5a-dihydrotestosterone - 15 mg - known as mastelone or androstalone is a muscle mass-building ingredient that gives excellent gains. The agent does not undergo aromatisation to oestrogen, so it is completely safe as far as possible side effects of gynaecomastia are concerned. A strong anabolic effect supports increases in muscle strength, which can be felt after just a few days of use. The product belongs to the group of quality agents, which means that it does not cause significant retention. The body retains an aesthetic appearance.

17beta-dimethyl-5alpha-androstan-3-one-azine - 10 mg - known as DMZ is a powerful supplement from the group of potent activators of protein synthesis, which is characterised by a high degree of anabolism. The product has been described as being twice as potent in action as classical agents. The action translates into a rapid increase in muscle mass, gives very good quality gains and causes a significant increase in strength. DMZ does not cause stronger water retention and therefore allows the maintenance of a very good sculpture. Its conversion to oestrogens is low, but the Arimistane contained in the product additionally ensures that oestrogen levels are maintained at a safe level.

Cycle Support  liver support is recommended for the supplement. 

Sarma Com Super Soldier dosage:

1 serving, 2 capsules daily with breakfast.

PCT is recommended after the cycle

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1 serving, 2 capsules daily with breakfast


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