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(USE 1 caps ostarine+1 caps SR9009+1 caps GW50516 in the day after meal)

USE Hardcore 5 days 2caps Ostarine+2caps SR9009 + 2caps GW50516 after 5 days   you use 2 days caps Ostarine+1caps SR9009 + 1caps GW50516)

Stenabol SR9009 is:

  • Increase in performance,
  • Increase in endurance,
  • Improved muscle appearance,
  • Improved vascularisation,
  • Burns fat.

Benefits of using Ostarine:

  • Does not increase liver enzymes, reduces the risk of hepatotoxicity
  • It ensures the achievement of lean muscle mass in the mass period
  • It has a positive effect on cholesterol levels in the body
  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases I
  • ncreases insulin sensitivity
  • It protects muscles against burning during reduction
  • Improving the condition of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen
  • Does not aromatize to the estradiol.
  • Keeps joints in good condition

GW 501516 effects of applying:

Loss of the fatty tissue:

Thanks to the increased endurance and the productivity of the organism he lets burn calories more, precipitating the metabolism. He is using the fatty tissue for the energy production.

Fat-free muscle mass

During the considerable high-calorie deficit you can be exposed to loss of the muscle mass. Cardarine not only lets the faster increase in the fat-free muscle mass, and le lets also in keeping the muscle mass during the reducing cycle. The PPAR activation is stimulating muscle fibers to the development as well as is increasing loss of the fatty tissue in the same time.

Better endurance

It is one of the best elements influencing the endurance therefore is very popular amongst bodybuilders. Very well he influences the physical fitness as well as is correcting the fat metabolism. Most quickly to observe his action it is possible on the question of increasing the endurance, practically from applying the first dose. Later next benefits appear.

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