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Smart Brothers

Smart Brothers Smart Creatine 280g

Smart Brothers Smart Creatine 280g

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Smart Brothers Smart Creatine 280g creatine stack

Smart Brothers Advanced Creatine 280g creatine stack is a modern dietary supplement based on two forms of creatine supported by anabolic additives. The dietary supplement contains creatine hydrochloride, which currently has the highest degree of bioavailability. The biological effect of the supplement helps maximize your training to develop strength and muscle mass even more.

Smart Brothers Smart Creatine is:

  • Creatine hydrochloride,
  • Creatine malate,
  • Two anabolic supplements elevATP, Senactiv,
  • Fast operation,
  • Excellent digestibility.

Why is creatine important for athletes?

Creatine is a chemical compound that plays an important role in the production of energy in our cells, especially in muscles. The main way creatine works is by increasing the availability of a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the muscles.

Here's how creatine works:

Energy storage: Creatine is stored in the muscles as creatine phosphate. This form of creatine acts as an energy store that can be used during intense physical exercise.

Energy transfer: When muscles need a quick supply of energy to perform intense exercise, creatine phosphate is broken down and its energy is used to resynthesize ATP. ATP is an energy carrier that enables muscles to contract during training or physical activity.

Performance enhancement: Creatine supplementation can increase muscle creatine phosphate levels, which may lead to increased energy availability during intense exercise. This can help increase physical performance and improve training results.

Delays Fatigue: By providing additional energy, creatine may help delay the feeling of fatigue during training, which may allow you to exercise longer or perform more repetitions.

Increased muscle cell volume: Creatine may also influence water retention in muscle cells, leading to increased muscle volume. This phenomenon is often observed after starting creatine supplementation.

Smart Brothers Smart Creatine 280g creatine stack composition:

1 serving, 5g:

Creatine Hcl - 3000 mg - the ingredient is a variety of creatine, known for its potential to increase training performance and the effectiveness of muscle mass growth. However, Creatine HCL stands out from other forms of creatine due to its properties, which may be particularly beneficial for people striving to achieve maximum results during training. Creatine HCL is characterized by excellent solubility in water, which means that it is quickly absorbed and provides the body with the energy it needs during intense exercise. It is this rapid absorption that makes Creatine HCL exceptionally effective for athletes who depend on immediate energy delivery to the muscles.

Tri-Creatine Malate - 1000 mg - is one of the popular dietary supplements that is becoming more and more popular among physically active people and those who train at the gym. It is a combination of creatine and malic acid that can bring numerous benefits to athletes. Creatine is well known for its ability to increase training performance and the effectiveness of muscle mass growth. Tri-Creatine Malate is a form of creatine that is characterized by excellent solubility in water, which means that it is quickly absorbed and provides the body with the energy necessary to perform intense exercises.

elevATP - 150 mg - is an innovative ingredient that supports energy production in muscle cells. Thanks to it, people training at the gym can increase their efficiency, strength and endurance. elevATP contains natural apple and astragalus extracts that stimulate the synthesis of ATP - the main energy carrier in the body. ATP is necessary for the proper functioning of muscles, especially during intense physical exercise. elevATP helps maintain a high level of ATP in the muscles, which translates into better training effects and faster regeneration.

Senactiv - 100 mg - is another revolutionary ingredient that improves the quality and health of muscle cells. Senactiv contains extracts of melon and Indian gentian, which activate special proteins called sirtuins. Sirtuins are responsible for removing damaged cells and optimizing metabolic processes. Senactiv supports the action of sirtuins, which leads to an increase in the number and function of mitochondria - energy factories in cells. Senactiv ensures better use of oxygen and glucose by muscles, which means greater power and efficiency during training. In addition, Senactiv protects muscles against damage and inflammation, which promotes quick recovery.

Smart Brothers Advanced Creatine 280g creatine stack dosage:

1 serving, 5 grams per day.

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1 serving, 5 grams per day.


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